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Proundly present newly established MOU with Russian University

Center for International Affairs would like to introduce newly established partners from Russia as follow

  1. St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI)

The university is renowned in Russia and all over the world as a leading research center. ETU  “LETI” researchers are credited for inventing radio, building first Russian hydroelectric power plants, introducing semiconductor heterostructures for high speed and opto-electronics. They made major strides in engineering and technology and brought these inventions into our modern world. An inventor of radio Alexander Popov, founder of Russian radio engineering Imant Freiman, pioneer of Russian hydropower engineering Genrikh Graftio and Nobel Prize winner in physics Zhores Alferov have worked here over the years.

2. The St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics (UMTE)

The St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics (UMTE) is one of the largest educational institutions that gives European education in Russia. Over the years, the university has achieved recognition not only in Russian scientific and educational space, but also abroad. The status of the University is confirmed by the positive assessment of the university and its affiliates’ effectiveness by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the inclusion of the UMTE in the list of institutions operating under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the status of an “academic university”. The academic orientation of the university is marked by the European Academy of Sciences, the International Association of Universities, of which the UMTE is a member, and other foreign organizations.

3. Baltic State Technical University

Voenmekh was indeed created as a university for training engineers for the defense industry, while I emphasize – engineers of the highest qualification, one might say, elite. And here the features of the organization of our educational process, manifested already at the very beginning of our journey, preserved today, are clearly traced. This is a clear focus on the real needs of our defense industry, which is facilitated by strong ties with all major enterprises of the industry. This is also a broad, I would say, the maximum possible involvement of leading specialists from the defence industry in teaching. This is a purposeful introduction into the educational process of the results of our scientific research. Previously, it was based on laboratories funded by the Ministry of Defense, but today it is based not only on the work of military scientists, but also on the active involvement of students in scientific classes. This is also an in-depth economic and managerial training, which gives our graduates opportunities for serious career growth. Therefore, it is no coincidence that our graduates occupied a record number of senior positions, both in industry – not only in defense, but in the state bodies of our country.

4. The North-West Institute of management (NWIM)

The North-West Institute of management (NWIM) located in St. Petersburg is the biggest branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA, with head campus in Moscow), the largest academy in Russia and Europe, providing educational services in the sphere of training public and municipal servants, as well as specialists in humanities and economics. This is the unique educational institution in Russia acting under coordination of the President of the Russian Federation.

NWIM RANEPA is first of all a classical university, offering degree programs in law, economics and humanities. At the same time the Institute acts as a training center for government administration. It is also a consulting and business administration center, working closely with the private sector.

As a classic higher education institution NWIM offers Masters, Bachelors and PhD’s degree programs in following fields: Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Human Resources, Management, Law, Economic Security, Business Informatics, Customs Regulation, International Relations, Advertising and Public Relations, Social Work, Psychology, Journalism. The main language of tuition is Russian, but there are also programs designed for international students taught in English.

The North-West Institute of Management is one of the largest research and development centers of Saint-Petersburg. Top priority goals of the research are the theory and practice of public administration, state service and local self-management.

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