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6 Minute Grammar Question forms with CIA

English with CIA
Lets learn English/Center for International Affairs/Walailak University

Hello Welcome to 6 Minute Grammar with CIA. We would like to introduce you the grammar question forms and how to make a question with yer/no questions and w-h questions. Let’s start…

Jenny: Hello, I am Jenny

Nancy: Hello Jenny, I am Nancy

Jenny: Today’s program is all about questions

Nancy: Yes, we’ll take a look at different types of yes-no questions…….

Jenny: We’ll hear lots of w-h questions…..

Nancy: So let’s get started. In English, there are two basic question types: yes/no questions and w-h questions.

Jenny: And here’s Faree with our first yes-no question:

Faree: Can you speak English?

Jenny: Thanks Faree. That’s a useful first question.

Nancy: Yes, and it’s made with the auxiliary verb can, plus the subject you and a verb: speak. Can you speak? Can you speak English Jenny?

Jenny: Yes, I can. Another question please Faree?

Faree: Do you work every day?

Nancy: Auxiliary do, subject you, verb work, Do you work every day, Jenny?

Jenny: I don’t, no. I don’t work at weekends. Faree?

Faree: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Nancy: Auxiliary do, subject you, verb: have. Jenny, do you have any brothers and sisters?

Jenny: Yes I do I’ve got one sister. Now another way to make yes-no questions is with the verb to be plus a subject. Let’s demonstrate. Nancy: Are you married?

Nancy: No, Jenny, I’m not. Is your boss married?

Jenny: My boss? No, she isn’t. Were you in the office yesterday?

Nancy: Yes, I was in the office yesterday.

Jenny: And we’re talking about question forms.

Nancy: Now, the second main type of question in English starts with either what, where, when, which, why, who, or the odd one out:

Jenny: ………..How.

Nancy: So let’s try making a question with where. We add an auxiliary….

Jenny: ……. such as do

Nancy: …….. then we can add a subject plus a verb. For example: Jenny: Where do you live?

Jenny: I live in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Where do you live Nancy?

Nancy: I live in Sichon. Now let’s change the question word and the verb. Which languages do you speak?

Jenny: And here we add a noun to which: Which languages do you speak?

Nancy: Just English. And with a different auxiliary: Which languages can you speak?

Jenny: We can add nound to some of the other question words: What time do you start work?

Nancy: About 8.30 a.m. in the morning. And if we ask What time is it? We’re making a w-h question with the verb to be. I can ask: Where were you born?

Jenny: I was born in Bangkok. When is your birthday?

Nancy: In October. What is your work address?

Jenny: It’s Walailak University.

Nancy: And for questions with how, we usually add an extra word. To ask about age it’s:

Faree: How old…..

Nancy: For price it’s:

Faree: How much…..

Jenny: For size we ask:

Faree: How big……..

Nancy: And for height it’s

Faree: How tall…..

Nancy: How tall are you, Jenny?

Jenny: About 165 cm. And of course, you can’t answer a w-h question with yes or no. How tall are you Nancy?

Nancy: I think we’re actually the same height?

Jenny: Let me see, back to back….. No, I’m taller!

Nancy: Is it time for a pactice Jenny? Yes, I’m going to give you a topic to ask me about, and you have to make one yes/no question and one w-h question. And you will give some possible answers. Here’s the first topic: Ask me about my age.

Jenny: Ok, so you could ask: How old are you? When were you born?

Nancy: Now ask me about my home.

Jenny: Do you live with your family? What is your address?

Nancy: Now ask me about my work.

Jenny: Do you work near here? How much do you earn?

Nancy: Thanks Jenny. And well done.

Jenny: So that’s a look a some basic question types we can use when we are getting to know people. We had yes/no questions and we looked at questions starting with w-h words.

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